HP-S4-HI Tutorial 3: Domestic Conflicts and tensions in the World today - An Insight into Indonesia


  • To discuss causes of domestic tension and conflicts in Indonesia during Suharto's reign
  • To analyse lessons from the rise and fall of Suharto

Prescribed Readings:

  • Rizal Sukma “Ethnic Conflict in Indonesia: causes and the Quest for Solution” in Ethnic Conflicts in SEA edited Kusuma Snitwongse & W. Scotte Thompson ISEAS: Singapore, 2005. pp. 1- 41.


1) Answer these questions briefly in the discussion forum on : Answers to questions on Tutorial 3 : An Insight into Indonesia
Why was Indonesia attractive for many Europeans in the 16th century?
Which European power colonised Indonesia in the 17th century?
What was the dominant religion in Indonesia?
About how many islands made up the Indonesia archipelago
Who was Sukarno?
Who forced Sukarno out of power in 1967?
What was Suharto’s administration commonly called?
Which two islands did Indonesia under Suharto annex in 1963 and 1975?
Which financial crisis hit Suharto’s regime the hardest?
Use two adjectives to describe Suharto’s regime.
2) Read lecture notes 3 and prescribed readings.

3) View these video-clips.

a) Indonesians assess Suharto's legacy - 14 Jan 08 (2:33 mins)

President Suharto ruled Indonesia for more than three decades, before mounting opposition forced him to step down. His autocratic style brought economic growth, but against a background of corruption and human rights abuses. Now, following multiple organ failure, doctors have put the 86-year-old's chances of survival at 50 per cent, and told his family to prepare for the worst.
As a result, many Indonesians have begun to reassess his time in power.

b)101 East - A legacy of a dictator - 17 Jan 08 - Part 1 (15:01 mins)

101 East discusses the legacy of Indonesia's former President, Suharto, one of Asia's most controversial and longest-serving leaders.

4) Reflect on the causes of domestic tensions and conflict in Indonesia and Suharto's legacy. Post your comments in the discussion on : Causes of domestic tension and conflicts in Indonesia during Suharto's reign and lessons from Suharto's rise and fall.