General Objectives for Year 4 :HP History Course
1. To understand the dynamics of geopolitics in terms of conflicts among countries, conflict resolution and defence
2. To analyse international relations between major powers and global hotspots in the twenty-first century.
3. To analyse the emerging trends of the twenty-first century, paying special attention to terrorism, poverty and emergence
of Modern China.

1. To distinguish and assess different approaches to, and interpretations of, and opinions about the past
2. To present clear, logical and well-substantiated arguments
3. To critique historical sources analytically and make informed judgement of issues.


1: Causes of global conflicts and tensions: A Macro Study
- A brief survey of the world since the Cold War: New Order & Old Chaos

2a: Causes of Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Middle-east
2b: Reconciliation ofArab-Israeli Conflict in the Middle-east- Myth or reality?

3: Domestic tensions and conflicts in Indonesia: A Historical Analysis

4a: An appraisal of ASEAN in South-east Asian politics
- Reasons for the formation of Asean
- Success & failure of ASEAN
- Reasons for limited success

4b: The role of the United Nations in global affairs: Achievements & limitations

Contemporary India
Indo-Pakistani relations in South Asian Indian-Sub-continent
a: The partition of India in 1947 into India and Pakistan: Causes -
Armed conflicts (eg 1947,65,71), nuclear arms race, the Kashmiri Issue and the role of leaders
b: Causes of strained Indo-Pakistani tensions & conflicts (1947-2000)
c: Resolving the Indo-Pakistani conflict: Grounds for Optimism or Pessimism?

Contemporary China
7: China’s Foreign Relations (1945- 2000)
a: Sino-Japanese relations : 1945-2005
b: The Cold War legacies: The Cross-straits tensions between Mainland China & Taiwan* - Causes & implications
c: Sino-American relations after World War II - The Cold War, Korean War, détente, nuclear arms race, Taiwan, Human Rights Issue and WTO

8: Factors contributing to the rise of modern China after 1978
- Challenges faced by Mainland China :- China under Deng Xiao Ping, Jiang Zemin and Hu Jin Tao: Problems faced; policies
- Reasons for economic success

9: Causes & implications of poverty in Africa

10: Causes & implications of global terrorism
Analysis with reference to Al-Qaeda Movement, Jemaah Islamiah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad