Week 3 : 18/1/2010 - 22/1/2010

HP-S4-HI Tutorial 1: Causes of global conflicts

1. To examine the causes of global conflicts and tensions in the world today.
2. To come up with the positive and negative impact of global conflicts.
3. T
o understand the complexity of global conflict resolution.

Prescribed Readings:

  • P. M. H. Bell The World since 1945: An International History (London: Arnold, 2001)
pp. 531-547 & 552 - 565
Newspaper articles from The Straits Times

On-line video clip: Warring Over Water – Syria :
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Lgr-gOmuXw&feature=channel (6:55)

  • Consider the situation in the world in the twentieth century or now. What do you think were/are the main sources of conflict within a country or between/among countries?
  • Do the prescribed readings.
  • Go through HP-HI-401 Worksheet 1 - Causes of global conflicts and tensions and refer to the readings to help you complete the worksheet.
  • Use the worksheet to help you answer the essay question below.
  • This is the powerpoint of the questions with answers based on the prescribed reading by PMH Bell.

Hand in your essay assignment (5 paragraphs using the template given) by 22 Jan 2010 (Fri).

Essay Question:
  • Why, despite diplomatic efforts, have tensions and conflicts continued to prevail over the past few decades in international politics?