1: Causes of global conflicts and tensions: A Macro Study
- A brief survey of the world since the Cold War: New Order & Old Chaos

2a: Causes of Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Middle-east
2b:Reconciliation of Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Middle-east- Myth or reality?

3: Domestic tensions and conflicts in Indonesia: A Historical Analysis

4a: An appraisal of ASEAN in South-east Asian politics

- Reasons for the formation of Asean
- Success & failure of ASEAN
- Reasons for limited success

4b: The role of the United Nations in global affairs: Achievements & limitations

5: Ways of resolving conflicts: Use of Diplomacy and deterrence in the world today and Singapore

Contemporary India
Indo-Pakistani relations in South Asian Indian-Sub-continent

a: The partition of India in 1947 into India and Pakistan: Causes
  • Armed conflicts (eg 1947,65,71), nuclear arms race, the Kashmiri Issue and the role of leaders
b: Causes of strained Indo-Pakistani tensions & conflicts (1947-2000)
c: Resolving the Indo-Pakistani conflict: Grounds for Optimism or Pessimism?

Contemporary China
7. China’s Foreign Relations (1945- 2000)
a) Sino-Japanese relations 1945-2005
b) The Cold War legacies: The Cross-straits tensions between Mainland China & Taiwan*
-Causes & implications